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Pool Services

Are you looking for specialists who offer fiberglass pool installation services? Or perhaps you have a fiberglass pool that is in dire need of repair. Whichever the case may be, Genesis Fiberglass Pools guarantees to meet all of your fiberglass pool needs. Our pool services include the following:

Pool Sales
Fiberglass Pool Sales of inground swimmimg pools

Fiberglass Pool Sales

Our pool dealer offers 16 pool shape options, each with different sizes and colors. Need pool financing? We can help you with that! The Imagine Pools™ we sell are designed with high-quality composite fiberglass that are guaranteed for life. 

Talk to a pool specialist today, contact us at (662) 806-4776 or request a quote online

Pool Installation
Fiberglass Pool Installation of inground pool with Landscaping for pool area

Fiberglass Pool Installation

Our fiberglass pool installation experts are all in-house and highly trained. This means you’ll get a team that can install your pool fast, and correctly. Our pool builders show up on time, uniformed, and in a company vehicle. We have the tools, knowledge, and project management to get your pool built quickly and efficiently.

For pool installation services, contact us at (662) 806-4776 or request a quote online

Pool Repair
Fiberglass Pool Repair for inground pool
Pool services for installation and repair includin spa pool connection

Fiberglass Pool Repair

At Genesis Pool Services, you can get a variety of pool repair services such as:

Dirty filters

A good indicator of this problem is if your pool looks swampy even after backwashing.

Leaky pool pumps

If there is corrosion around the pump or on the pipes that’s a sure sign your pump is leaking and needs repair.

Clogged pump

If the water’s moving slowly through the pump or the pump is making grinding noises it’s a sign there’s a blockage that needs to be removed.

...and more!

For fiberglass pool repairs, call us at (662) 806-4776 or request a quote online

Pool Opening Service
Pool opening service for Fiberglass pool
Pool opening service for inground pool

Pool Opening Service

For a brand new pool or a pool you haven’t used in a while, it’s best to hire a professional pool opening service to ensure safety and functionality, so that you and your family can enjoy your pool to the fullest.

Genesis Fiberglass Pools offers the following Pool Opening Services:

  • cleaning of pool skimmers

  • removing of winterizing plugs

  • refilling of the pool with clean water to adequate levels

  • pool shock treatment

  • testing for proper pH levels

  • turning the system on and checking for any issues

  • ...and more!

For pool opening service, call us at (662) 806-4776 or request a quote online

Pool Closing Service
Pool closing service for Fiberglass pool

Pool Closing Service

As winter approaches, it’s best to hire a professional pool closing service to protect your pool and investment during the winter.

Genesis Fiberglass Pools offers the following Pool Closing Services:

  • cleaning of the filters

  • scrubbing and vacuuming the surface to remove any debris

  • removing the heaters, pumps, hoses, pool toys, ladders, decorative items, etc.

  • ...and more!

For pool closing service, call us at (662) 806-4776 or request a quote online

Pool Area Landscaping
Landscaping for pool area service

Landscaping for Pool Area

Have you been searching for “backyard with pool landscaping ideas”? We can supply you with a ton of useful ideas for your pool and also implement them for you. Our pool landscaping designs will make your pool stand out for all the right reasons. As part of our landscaping package, you can also get ornamental grass borders, a rock garden, and more. We’ll even supply you with plants for pool landscaping.

For pool landscaping services, call us at (662) 806-4776 or request a quote online

Pool Structures
Pool structures for fiberglass pool

Pool Structures

Would you like a pool deck, an outdoor kitchen, or even a pool house to complement your fiberglass pool? We got you covered. With the help of our team, you’ll be able to customize your space to your exact specifications to make it more accommodating for family get-togethers, comfort, and style.

For pool structures, call us at (662) 806-4776 or request a quote online


Are you ready to get an affordable, high-quality inground pool built fast?

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